A set of products to make daily tasks easier for 50-70 year olds with dexterity-related impairments, positioned to challenge the stigma surrounding disabilities.
This project aims to empower users living with conditions such as arthritis, helping them perform everyday tasks and improving their independence. ‘Get a Grip!’ is a home hub containing three devices, that help with the following tasks:
-  Assisting with squeezing bottles e.g. shampoo bottles.
-  Converting a top button into an easier side-squeeze e.g. spraying deodorant.
-  Opening packaging easily, even when out and about e.g. food packaging.
The name ‘Get a Grip!’ was born out of primary research, using humour and embodying the attitude of the user group, who are keen to carry on with normal life regardless of their limited dexterity. The tag-line, ‘for young people who have lived a while’, came directly from a user quote, epitomising the user group’s desire to stay independent and avoid seeming ‘old’, whilst also remaining upbeat.

2 minute video - project overview.

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